Use the Multimedia powerhouse of NTV, OZFM, and Associated Websites (,, and to deliver your advertising message!

Our Multimedia platforms, including online, make us the destination where most Newfoundlanders come for their news and entertainment, every single day!

We put our entire media network to work for your business! That includes top-ranked NTV, ever-popular province-wide OZFM radio, each with their own website – culminating in a comprehensive multimedia advertising powerhouse that delivers your message to potential customers that can help drive your bottom line!

The NTV and OZFM Sales Team

Lorraine Pope

Director of Sales NTV & OZFM
Program Acquisitions NTV

Agency Sales

Corina Mercer

Agency Sales Supervisor

Amanda Barron

Agency Sales Coordinator

Retail Sales

Ray Sutton

Retail Sales Manager

Sharon Snow

Account Executive

Frank Lee

Account Executive

David Stamp

Account Executive

Robert Saunders

Account Executive

Shannell Lewis

Account Executive

Sales Support

Kathleen Murphy

Inside Sales Coordinator

Renee McLaughlin

Senior Sales Coordinator

Krista-Lee Goulding

Reception NTV OZFM

Business Development

Jesse Stirling

Advertise on NTV

NTV puts your television commercial in front of hundreds of thousands of viewers across Newfoundland and Labrador on a weekly basis. Broadcasting top news and entertainment programming in high definition, NTV continues to maintain its market dominance though our commitment to inform, enlighten and entertain our broad-reaching audience in this province and across Canada!


Advertise on OZFM

Your radio commercials will reach almost every car and every home in the province, on Newfoundland’s #1 FM station, OZFM!
With the greatest Rock of the new Millennium and Today's Top Hits, OZFM is the leading and only FM station that delivers a province-wide audience!